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Funding may be requested by Heidelberg academic departments and other officially recognized campus entities/organizations. Applications must be submitted at least one week prior to the event for which funding is being requested.

Apply for funding.

Students who are participating in an employer reimbursement program must complete the Employer Reimbursement Contract prior to the beginning of each semester. Email the completed form to An ebill will still be emailed to the student until the course is paid in full. Students have until 30 days after the course ends to submit payment. To access the Employer Reimbursement Form, go to your OASIS account and click on the Personal Information Tab. Scroll to Employer Reimbursement Form.

All expenses require approval BEFORE a purchase order is requested. This applies whether purchases will be covered from operating budget, endowed funds, restricted funds, or gifts.

Complete an expense approval form. 


Updated September 2023.

Online program for the 2023 Faculty Research Symposium

Visit the CashCourse website for guidance on how to become financially literate and prepared to make financial choices.

Documents, memos, and information from the Faculty Personnel Committee. 

Heidelberg University Greek Council Mission Statement: To serve as the governing body of all Societies on the Heidelberg University campus and to promote unity and cooperation between those societies.

See the Google Form for the Hammel-Pepsi Grant Application.

A blank budget sheet is available below to use as a template to submit with the Google Form.