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Visit the CashCourse website for guidance on how to become financially literate and prepared to make financial choices.

Once you have read the Fundraising Policy, you may submit the Campus Fundraising Activity Form.

This form is used to register beyond the last day to add, request to enroll into more than 12 hours in one full semester; or, drop beyond the last day to drop. All other registrations are completed online in OASIS.

Heidelberg University Greek Council Mission Statement: To serve as the governing body of all Societies on the Heidelberg University campus and to promote unity and cooperation between those societies.

See the Google Form for the Hammel-Pepsi Grant Application.

A blank budget sheet is available below to use as a template to submit with the Google Form.

You must print, fill out, and bring this form with you for your vaccination appointment. Please also bring a photo ID with you.

If you are a student and would like to be a HYPE Mentor, you can fill out the online application. HYPE Mentor applications are reviewed in March.

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in offering a session or have a creative idea about a session, you are encouraged to submit it for consideration via the HYPE Session Proposal Form. Once submitted, the sessions subcommittee will get in contact with you.

Report University Related Conduct Violations/Incidents on the Incident Communication Form (ICF).

Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Directions for completing an Incident Communication Form (ICF):

Involved Parties:

Select the type of involved party (Individuals or groups) by clicking the appropriate box.

Under the "Name" box, type the last name of the person you are looking for.  A list of active students/staff member names will populate below the box for you to choose the appropriate person.  Next, under the "Role" box, select the role of the person selected.  There are 3 options: Responding party or person accused of violation; Reporting party or person identified as victim; or other (witness).  If additional Responding party or Reporting party members are involved, click the "+ Add another" link and complete the same steps as above.

Incident Information:

Choose the type of incident or report form you'd like to submit. There are 4 types of forms available.  

1. FYI is general incident form that should be used when something occurs that is NOT a violation of the Student Code or Federal/State/City law.  These may include items like vehicle damage, lock outs, or other notifications that should be documented that may lead to other issues.

2. Conduct is any violation of Federal/State/City/University policies

3. Title IX is any violation of Heidelberg's Sexual Discrimination Policy

4. Accommodations are supports or services provided on Heidelberg's campus so qualified students with disabilities have equal access and opportunities to benefit from classes, programs and/or campus activities. Further information about accommodations at Heidelberg can be found under Accommodations.

Once an Incident Type has been selected, specific questions will populate below.  Complete the information boxes as directed on the form.  If there is not a specific box that addresses your need, please include that information in the "Incident Details" section of the form.  

Supporting Documentation:

Once all involved party and incident information is provided, this section of the ICF allows for any supporting documentation to be uploaded, including medical documents, accommodation forms, incident pictures, text messages, emails, etc.

Things to remember:

  • Fill out the form as soon as the incident is over.
  • Write factual statements - leave out opinions unless backed by fact.
  • Correctly spell all names of person(s) involved.
  • Make sure all addresses and phone numbers are correct.
  • Write in complete sentences and spell all words correctly.
  • Try not to use too many "he/she" or their plurals - use names.