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The Owen Center for Teaching & Learning Newsletter is sent bi-weekly to all student currently enrolled at Heidelberg.

Partners in Academic Coaching for Excellence (PACE) is a partnership between Seneca County Juvenile Court and Heidelberg University to provide tutoring services to students on probation. The grant-funded program pairs Heidelberg students as “academic coaches” with local children, ages 12-18, as a condition of the children’s probation. The Heidelberg tutors work on homework and literacy, and providing a positive perspective about school and learning.

Become a PACE mentor.

I wanted to personally reach out to share Kitchen Connections, a mini newsletter that we’ve created at Parkhurst Dining to highlight some of the great things we’re doing right now – mostly from our home kitchens throughout the company. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will see the benefits of our actions over the past month. In the meantime,  here's some great new recipes to try while you're home... Feel free to share!

 Stay Safe and Healthy!

Anthony R. Ippolito CEC, CCE
General Manager
Parkhurst Dining At Heidelberg University

Faculty and Staff,

In an effort to assess campus needs for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), please complete the attached form. Please use your best judgement for the quantities of PPE supplies that your area may need. If you need something that does not appear on this form, add that need at the bottom of this form or include an attachment to describe your unique need.

If you do not need any of the items listed, please list quantity as 0 (zero).

Contact Linda Barger,, with any questions.

View and submit the PPE Form.

Release of Information for the Office of Student Accessibility Services

The Student Alumni Association, or SAA, is an organization dedicated to creating networking and professional development opportunities with Heidelberg alumni, through our campus-wide programming and traditional events.

SAA is a philanthropic and service organization dedicated to encouraging current students to understand the importance of giving back to the university.

Apply to join SAA.